Alttex is a digital platform with a decentralized exchange, personalized crypto-messenger and a Smart Safe.
It enables users network and collaborate on the go through messenger.

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Сrypto-exchange in Mobile App

Purchase Cryptocurrency at the click of a button, using only your bank card details. The exchange platform is designed especially for mobile devices and features Face ID and Touch ID technology for added security.


Messenger with Custom Store

Our crypto-messenger feature allows you to keep in touch with all your contacts, anytime, anywhere. Start a private chat or create public groups and channels, and even add items within the application and sell them for any cryptocurrency. It's convenient, easy!

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Timeline of Activities

Here you can see key dates and activities of the project development phase. This is a short description of what has been accomplished, and future events.



Secure Smart Safe

Cryptocurrency capitalization has been growing in recent years (A surge from $11 billion to $500 billion between Q1 and Q4 2017), but there are still challenges for users.
Currently, only small percentage of users are able to save all crypto-currencies in one secure location. To meet this challenge, we have developed a special application called 'Smart Safe', and also receive push notifications indicating changes in crypto prices and your current profit for a selected period.


What is missing for all exchanges??

The main problems faced by people using applications for storing and trading crypto-currencies.

Save your money and make your dreams come true

The crypto-exchange is a unique opportunity to increase the amount of your cash quickly. But my problem is that I can’t save money, I easily spend it and can’t buy what I have been dreaming about for all my life. It seems to me that SmartSafe was created especially for people like me. It has a timer function that doesn’t allow you to use your money until the moment you choose. Hooray! I’ll save my money and finally buy a car. It’s great!

— Pablo Huares, Mexico #

Alttex was created for the smartphone

I really appreciate my time, I want to discover something new, see magnificent places, meet interesting people, cultures, I adore traveling. At the same time, I worry about my finance. It’s very important for me to have access to the crypto-exchange from my smartphone. The Alttex crypto-exchange is made specifically for smartphones. Now I can easily buy and sell, earn money using only my smartphone. I don’t have to choose between financial stability and travels, because all that I can do at home with the PC, I can do from anywhere in the world with Alttex exchange for smartphones.

— Jane Smith, United States #

You earn money while talk

I study far from my home, of course, I miss my relatives and friends. So very often I call them, I talk with my parents and gossip with my sister. Now I don’t need a lot of messengers to call. The AltMessenger allows me to pay for callings with my crypto currency. It is very convenient. Moreover, when my relatives and buddies call me, I get crypto money for conversations. Now I will communicate more often.

— Anna Grishko, Ukraine #

You can replenish your bitcoins with a credit card

I have been using crypto currency for a long time, I used different wallets and exchanges. But experienced users of crypto-currencies on the crypto exchanges don’t have opportunity to replenish the bitcoins with a credit card. This is the function I was waiting for and now it has appeared on the exchange Alttex. Truly speaking, it’s not a ”would like”, it is a “must have” for me, the basic need and the main requirement for the modern exchange. I’m glad, thanks a lot.

— Avgust Hetzner, Germany #

Infinite World in one App

Look at future prototypes of the crypto exchange, Alt Messenger, Smart Safe. We want to see every step of what we do.


Our goal is to collect $ 20,000,000 for the development and promotion of the project. Fundraising will take place in three rounds.

Privat PreSale

Finished Round


  • We accept Bitcoin
  • We accept Ethereum

ICO Begins - In a few weeks

A Few Weeks


  • We accept Bitcoin
  • We accept Ethereum

Frequently asked questions

What is missing for all exchanges?

The main problem faced by users trading cryptocurrencies was having an application to access them all from a single location.

What is a Redemption?

We guarantee a buyback of the coin at a price, no lower than the price for which you purchased the coins during the ICO.

How can I buy Alttex tokens?

There are 2 ways for buying tokens. You can purchase them during the ICO, or on the exchange crypto-currency.

What is the difference from other platforms?

Alttex was created specifically for mobile devices. It presents a unique opportunity to replenish your account with a credit or debit card from any part of the world.

What is the main purpose of the ICO?

The main purpose of the ICO was development of mobile services for easy access to purchase and sell cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

Meet the Team

Our team has united the best professionals who have huge experience of creating and developing Internet resources.

Yevhenii Meita
Founder and CEO
Oleh Shpach
Co Founder
Arifov Eldar
Chief Financial Officer
Alina Lisova
Chief Public Relations Officer

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Alisa Khabarova
Art Director
Timur Isaev
Chief Technology Officer
Nazar Pavliv
Development Manager
Svetlana Timoschuk
CE Marketing Optimizations
Paras Navadiya
IOS mobile Architect
Vlad Kovryzhenko
IOS & Android Developer
Yurii Orlyk
Php, MySQl, JS Development
Aleksandr Shpantsev
Head of Marketing Department


Benjamin Theobald
Ambassador Advisor Latin America
Michiel Triebert
Ambassador Advisor Europe
Anthony Hogan
Advisor Coordinator
Simon Zenios
Legal Advisor
Vladimir Nikitin
Director Law Department
Rodi Park
1st Block Chief Consulting
Joswell Valdez
CEO PocketSpace
Thierry De Gorter
P.M Core.Tech.Chain
Scott Douglas
Founder - С
Shivakant Tripath
Digital Marketing Manager
Gary D. Kucher
Greece Growth Group
Bill Shevlin
AR / VR Blockchain Company

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