Frequently asked Questions

Do you have a question for us? We will be happy to hear your doubts surrounding the trading on Bitcoin Up. Read the commonly asked queries that we get asked about generally. We are sure these queries will surely clear your doubt. You can reach us out at Bitcoin Up, and our support team will make sure to get back to you in the min. possible time.


We all know cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time now, and there are huge risks involved, but there is a proven track record of people who have earned millions overnight. Cryptocurrencies show massive results in a very limited time period.

Yes, the risk involved is high, but you can expect the highest returns. If you invest in the US stock market, what is the maximum return you can expect? Maybe 15% or 20%, whereas with cryptocurrencies, there is no cap to the maximum sum you can earn.

Investment in cryptocurrencies offers a whole lot of benefits like:

ü High-liquidity

ü Simplicity

ü Independent alternative

ü Favorable forecasts


Yes, to get started, you will have to make a very little investment which is $250. Your account must have a minimum fund of $250, which will be counted as the initial trading capital to begin trading in your name.


Initially, a good 2-3 is sufficient for gaining proper knowledge and practicing trading using the virtual currency. Bitcoin does not have an administrator or a central bank. You will gain an understanding of trading over some time slowly and steadily with a lot of patience. Once you get the basic idea of trading, there is no looking back.

Once you have acquired the knowledge, you can sit for a few minutes and save the rest of the time to spend with your loved ones. The best part about Bitcoin Up is that all the trading market analyses are conducted automatically.

So, dont worry about spending a sleepless night in front of the desktop screen.

To make the trading software trade your behalf, you will have to spend a little time each day on the software to set the trading parameters.

ü Choose the risk level which you want the software to buy

ü Select strategies that you wish to the software to use for trading

ü Choose the amount that you want to invest in the trade

ü You will have to select the cryptocurrencies or the asset using which you want to begin trading.

The Bitcoin Up will do as you command, so you will have to give it time to understand and adapt your strategies.


The trading software is entirely free. You wont have to fear about paying for any getting hidden fees.

ü No commissions

ü No hidden fees

ü Every Bitcoin that you earn will be yours.

ü The money that you have invested will be entirely your 100%. You can withdraw the profit to your account immediately.


Each Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars, although the value keeps fluctuating with time. You will have to treat the cryptocurrency similar to traditional money as the value of the Bitcoin is even higher. When you purchase a Bitcoin, it gets transferred from your account to the account of the seller. Bitcoin can be exchanged for multiple services, cash, or real goods. Bitcoin trading is completely safe, as every transaction is carried via our system.


The Bitcoin Up software has been designed as such that anyone can use it. New and seasoned traders will find it very easy to use the application. With this app, we have introduced various features that can also be customized.

Fixing the trading parameters is also easy. The Bitcoin Up app is self-explanatory, a user intuitive.

The app gives full control to keep a check on your trading activities. You can either choose the automated style or the manual mode, either of which you like, and the software will itself find the best possible trading opportunity for you.


Your earnings are directly proportionate to the amount of effort and time you contribute. All our members have earned a considerable sum of money in less time. It feels great to say that some have even started making a living or $1500 every week, which had no prior trading platform experience.

You can make huge sums of money, depending upon the money you invest in various platforms.

  • With the use of margins, you can magnify the potential gains.
  • If you wish to invest with CFD, then you require fiat money.
  • Bitcoin can be stored more safely; then, the traditional cash can be secured.
  • The value of Bitcoin is way more than the traditional cash.
  • The customer support with Bitcoin CFD is way more than the traditional money.