ALTTEX is a digital platform with a decentralized exchange, personalized crypto-messenger and a Smart Safe. It enables users network and collaborate on the go through messenger.

Smart Contract: 0xb1ed41dc1fe9b723a31137afdd1201d17917fe91

Total Supply:50,000,000 ALTX Token Symbol:ALTX Decimals:8

ALTX is trading on: and

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Our Mobile App

Our mobile Apps based on powerful Blockchain technology that gives crypto traders unbridled access to a decentralized exchange platform, a crypto messenger and a smart safe.

AltDEX, users can trade with multiple coins, exchange digital coins for fiat currency, make purchases using stored assets and also perform coin transfers.

AltMessenger lets users keep in touch with other traders from around the world via private message and public chats.

AltSafe keeps all the money safe and secure, displays the account balance, and regularly updates users with information regarding current prices of digital coins and market trends.

Discover the World of Crypto Trading With Alttex

More people are trading cryptocurrencies than ever before. You can use the Alttex system if you’re looking for a high-quality crypto trading platform. The system helps you exchange currency in moments, plus it completes this work in a secure space. It also simplifies the process of handling currencies.

Alttex provides a better approach to BTC trading you can trust. The system is a one-stop approach for handling currencies and transactions. It provides an exchange, a messaging system, and a general hub for analyzing cryptocurrencies. You can use this single program without having to jump between parties.

What Is Alttex?

Alttex is a crypto exchange platform that was first developed in early 2017. Alttex was designed to be a decentralized mobile crypto exchange platform. The system provides crypto-messenger support where users can network and collaborate with others through the platform.

Alttex was built to capitalize on the rise of the cryptocurrency market. While the capitalization of the crypto market was about $11 billion in the early part of 2017, that total rose to $300 billion by the end of that year. But the problem was that people struggled to keep their currencies in one place. They also had to go through different platforms to access all their currencies.

Alttex makes it easier for people to access all the things they have on the market. Instead of going through different platforms for different things, those people can go through the Alttex system and handle all the things that interest them.

The program combines many blockchain setups to produce a decentralized approach to BTC trading. It includes all the reports on currencies you need, including data on smaller currencies that may not be available on certain exchanges.

Alttex developed its Smart Safe and its messenger programs in 2017, and it established its ICO late in the year. The Alttex exchange platform was released in late 2018, while the messenger and Smart Safe features were introduced a year later.

Alttex operates a dedicated cryptocurrency under the ALTX symbol. There are about 50 million ALTX tokens available through the system.

The main goal of Alltex is to provide a simple approach to handling cryptocurrency. You can use this on mobile devices to buy cryptocurrency in moments and to exchange data with other currency traders.

The best part of Alttex is that it ensures people can trade every currency in one place. The problem with traditional trading platforms is that they do not support all the available options for trading. But Alttex ensures you can trade currencies in one place. You do not have to jump between different exchanges to take care of your transactions. Alttex provides a central spot for all currencies that you can trust.

Alttex also focuses on providing a mobile approach to handling transactions. Alttex works exclusively on mobile devices, meaning you can trade currencies anywhere. You could even do this with other people who are physically in the same area as you.

Alttex operates out of London, plus it has an office in San Jose. The group is available online at

Сrypto-exchange in Mobile App Сrypto-exchange in Mobile App

Purchase Cryptocurrency at the click of a button, using only your bank card details. The exchange platform is designed especially for mobile devices and features Face ID and Touch ID technology for added security.

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Timeline of Activities

Here you can see key dates and activities of the project development phase.
This is a short description of what has been accomplished, and future events.

Basic Exchange

First Quarter, 2017: Development of a decentralized mobile crypto exchange started.

Basic Development of the
ALTTEX Messenger

Second quarter, 2017: Basic mobile crypto-messenger development started.

Basic Development of the

Third Quarter, 2017: Development of mobile Smart Safe started.

Creating the ALTTEX
Consortium and ICO launch

Fourth quarter, 2017: Formation of ALTTEX Consortium, Pre-sale, ICO launch.

Launch of a full-fledged
ALTTEX exchange

Between Q3 and Q4 2018: Launch of a full-fledged ALTTEX exchange platform.

Run full-fledged
AltMessenger and Smart Safe

First quarter, 2019: Launch and Test-run of 'AltMessenger' and 'Smart Safe' features.

AltMessenger with Custom Store AltMessenger with Custom Store

Our crypto-messenger feature allows you to keep in touch with all your contacts, anytime, anywhere. Start a private chat or create public groups and channels, and even add items within the application and sell them for any cryptocurrency. It's convenient, easy!

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Secure Smart Safe Secure Smart Safe

Cryptocurrency capitalization has been growing in recent years (A surge from $11 billion to $500 billion between Q1 and Q4 2017), but there are still challenges for users.
Currently, only small percentage of users are able to save all crypto-currencies in one secure location. To meet this challenge, we have developed a special application called 'Smart Safe', and also receive push notifications indicating changes in crypto prices and your current profit for a selected period.


Infinite World in one App

Look at future prototypes of the crypto exchange, AltMessenger, Smart Safe. We want to see every step of what we do.


Exchange Tokens

The messenger platform provides crypto trading support by allowing people to exchange currencies on the go. People can use Alttex to trade many coins and exchange digital coins for many fiat currencies.

Alttex also lets people make purchases with the stored assets they have on the platform. People can also transfer coins as necessary.

The platform includes reports on the different currencies available on the market. You can review the charts listed on the Alttex app to see what is happening in the market and what trends are coming along. You can use the reports here to figure out what trades you should complete, plus to see how well the market is shifting.

You can use a bank card to acquire whatever tokens interest you the most. The bank card system lets you provide information on the transaction you wish to produce and then updates the transaction based on what fits. The setup that Alttex uses for handling banking info is simple and provides a better approach to transferring data that works fast.

imple Mobile Accessibility

You can access your account with Alttex through the company’s mobile app. The app is available on Google Play as of October 2020. It will be available on the Apple App Store in the near future.

The exchange system works on mobile devices for on-to-go reviews of all your currency actions. You can analyze your trades and review the market in realtime through Alttex.

The app includes reports on the latest crypto values. You can also find the most recent news on the market to see what is happening with the field. The information you will find through the mobile app will help you see what you could find in the current market.

The app also works fast and provides instant reports on what’s happening with the market. The app gives you full control over your trades and lets you see what you are getting out of a transaction before it works. You can use this feature to help you plan whatever deals you wish to complete in moments.

The Smart Safe Function

The Smart Safe feature is an essential part of what Alttex provides. The Smart Safe will validate and record all transactions on the network. The system monitors data and confirms each identity when a transaction takes place. The decentralized nature also ensures it is tough for peoples’ data to be open to outside parties.

The Smart Safe application ensures your content stays in one location on the decentralized network. You will have full access to your data without risking it being lost in any form.

The Smart Safe also provides push notifications on your device when there are substantial changes in crypto prices. These notes appear based on the currencies you hold and other points. You can also get push notes on any current profits you earn. The totals you find through the Smart Safe will vary, but they will provide a great opportunity for potentially making money you will appreciate.

The reports you get from the Smart Safe appear according to the settings in your system. The Alttex setup reviews your currencies and provides relevant reports based on what you have. The design offers a custom approach to BTC trading you can appreciate.

Safe Verification

You can use the safe verification features on the Alttex system to confirm your identity when you’re getting online. The Face ID and Touch ID features on the app work with your phone to validate your identity. These are biometric-based setups that help you check what is happening when you’re getting online.

The safe verification process is critical for ensuring you’re the only person who will access your account. The problem with many other verification processes is that they are easy to skirt around. But with the Alttex biometrics-based safe verification process, your data becomes secure and harder to break. The system must ensure your physical identity is on hand before providing access to your account. You will enjoy the simple design of this system that ensures the safety of your account.

Simple Transfers

Alttex uses a convenient system that helps you keep tabs on all your transactions. You can set up messages stating that you wish to trade a currency with someone. You can specify the coin you want to trade and how much you have to provide. The system lets you get in touch with other people who have the currencies you want and are ready to complete an exchange.

The app also provides QR codes that help when transferring funds. You can produce a code and have someone or another item scan the data. The code will record your data and confirm a transaction in moments. The system lets you move money in moments, plus it ensures your data is secure.

Operate a Store

Alttex is ideal for people looking to sell products online. You can create a customizable store where you can list your goods for sale to others. You can share that data with other people and have them purchase what you hold with cryptocurrencies. The system lets you collect payments from other people while facilitating a faster approach to handling transactions. The feature is one of the most popular ones on the Alttex system, as it helps people access other markets that they might not have expected to use in the past.

Communication Is Key

Alttex uses a decentralized communication system that helps you talk with others who you wish to contact for an exchange. You can create a private chat room and share QR codes and other data with others for transactions. You could also send voice messages to other people through the network.

The best part of communicating with Alttex is that it is a more affordable solution. The decentralized blockchain setup that Alttex uses ensures you can interact with others through the system in moments. You don’t have to spend more than necessary to reach other people through a single setup.

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